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That’s the Difference

By: Nikki Polite

Discipline, Dedication, Determination, Desire: The 4 D’s are the cornerstone philosophy of the Jonesboro High School Varsity Football team.  It is a philosophy that Coach De’Timothy Floyd conceptualized and instituted almost 10 years ago at a small 4-AAAA school in Jonesboro, Ga.  It is a philosophy that has taken the perennial county “homecoming” invitee, into a Region Champion and GA State Quarter Finalist in 2015.  In 2016, the program belief in this philosophy was put to the test when the small school moved up 2 classes to the GA AAAAAA Ranks.  Despite losing 23 or more seniors the prior two years, as well as starting primarily freshman and sophomores, Coach Floyd and his coaching staff had his young team in the playoffs once again.

Development of a football program goes well beyond an understanding of the “X’s and O’s”, 40-yd dashes, and vertical jumps.  It takes Discipline, Dedication, Determination, Desire. So, what exactly are the 4 D’s?  It is a focus on the whole of the player, team, and program in all aspects.  Coaches develop the entire player by ensuring each player participates in mandatory tutorials every day prior to practice.  Jonesboro coaching staff stays in communication with teachers and administrators to be sure that players are bringing their best selves on and off the field.  The coaches participate with the players in volunteer efforts, including feeding the homeless, cleaning up the community, and reading to elementary students.  Even the most well-conditioned or talented player is rendered useless if he is not on the field.  The program also partners with the local chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) for Character Education classes.  These weekly, voluntary classes are developed to ensure the character of each young man is developed and strengthened as to endure the trials and emotional pendulum a regular season of football can bring – and beyond. The entire coaching staff of Jonesboro HS has participated in the FCA 3-Dimensional Coaching program as to guarantee they too, are equipped to relay the same messaging and coaching techniques for team cohesion. The evidence of Coach Floyd and his program’s success can be seen not only at the school, but on the side lines other metro Atlanta schools, the ranks of many NCAA football teams, and even the ranks of the NFL.

As many can attest to, a team is more than its players and coaches.  Coach Floyd and the Jonesboro Football Program has inspired local churches, businesses, and the Jonesboro Community into a “Cardinal Nation.”  With the support of these institutions, the heights of which the Cardinals of Jonesboro High Varsity Football can reach are limitless!!  GO Cardinal Nation!!!!